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Meal Kit Delivery Services

Delivery Experience

Meal-Kit Delivery Services – The New-age food trend and the logistics behind it

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Lakshmi D

Oct 6, 2020

In today’s fast-paced world, people love to cook but can’t stand the prep and cleanup. They want to eat inventive meals that are home-cooked. They do not have the time to shop and run to grocery stores owing to the COVID-19 situation, but still want nutritious meals. Meal kit delivery services has given answers to […]

How to address the real-time courier dispatch challenges arising due to COVID-19

CEP and 3PL

How to address real-time courier dispatch challenges?

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Lakshmi D

Sep 18, 2020

The consumer’s demand for faster, trackable, and efficient dispatch delivery is increasing. This rising demand has posed many challenges for the courier dispatching industry, especially in courier dispatch.  What is a courier dispatch software?  A courier dispatch software is a tool that a fleet manager uses to assign jobs to drivers. It is designed to […]

Biopharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics: Challenges and Opportunities

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

How Delivery Optimization Software can Help biopharmaceutical cold-chain logistics?

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Lakshmi D

Aug 21, 2020

Earlier cold chains were confined to a narrow brand of drug products. Today, with the rise of biopharmaceuticals, cold chain logistics is more important than ever.    What is a cold chain from a logistics point of view?  A temperature-controlled supply chain is called a cold chain. Samples from clinical trials, biologics, vaccines, different classes of […]

Last Mile Delivery Services

Last Mile Delivery Optimization

Why are Last Mile Delivery Services Important in the Post-Coronavirus World?

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Lakshmi D

Jul 3, 2020

There will be a 20% growth in online retail share by 2023, and there will be a 10% increase in instant delivery. – Future of last-mile interventions  Due to COVID-19, customers have become accustomed to online shopping. This change in their shopping habits is making the logistics industry refocus on last mile delivery services.  Logistics […]

Vehicle Routing Problem

Route Optimization

Explained: Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) and the most effective solution to address it

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Lakshmi D

Jun 16, 2020

Vehicle Routing Problem is a constant in the last-mile delivery business. It happens due to the delivery and resource constraints planners face while coming up with minimum-cost vehicle routes. Solving it helps them reduce operational costs and enhance the quality of delivery services.  With the massive spread of COVID-19, delivery businesses are handling larger delivery […]

On-Demand Grocery Delivery

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Grocery is now everybody’s best friend

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Team Locus

May 11, 2020

US- Subway, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Panera Bread India- Zomato, Swiggy The UK- UberEats, Deliveroo Ride hailing companies Uber, Lyft.  What connects these varied companies?  Quite the zinger of a question, eh? While some of them have a food business connection, a few others are from completely different sectors.  Well, don’t fret too much. The answer […]

Electronic Proof of Delivery Software for Last-Mile Operations

Fleet Optimization

Beyond Pen and Paper – A Comprehensive Guide to Electronic Proof of Delivery

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Shweta Sarma

Jan 27, 2020

We live in an age of instant deliveries. Businesses work with seamless digital logistics management systems and don’t underestimate the power of efficient route, order, and transport management systems. Speed is not the only factor to consider when it comes to deliveries. Shipping fees must be low, fulfillment options must come with choices, delivery forecasts […]