What’s new @ Locus – Fleet Optimization, LOTR upgrades, and more…

Fleet Optimization, LOTR App upgrades

We want to start this by saying a big thank you for being there with us and trusting Locus with building your supply chain strategies. We hope that you are reading this from a safe space along with your loved ones. We will all come out of this stronger. We would be incorrect in our assessment of the current situation if we fail to acknowledge the structural and cultural issues & changes brought to the limelight by Covid-19.

Products/organizations that fail to adapt to our ‘new normal’ might perish in the long run. We @ Locus, are re-thinking our products, our roadmaps, our approach towards solving your problems while also being ready to tackle a newer set of issues arising out of the new behavioral changes. 

This blog post (and its subsequent follow-up posts) will give you a concise summary of all product upgrades as well as recommending features that you might not be using to its full potential. It also serves to give you an insight into what we are building today and tomorrow and why we are doing so. 

Upgraded your Fleet Optimization

One of the recent changes we have had to account for is the decrease in fleet/delivery partner availability while overseeing a steady inflow of orders in essential goods sectors. Our research and experiments with the underlying routing algorithms have now resulted in more optimum results. You can benefit from the algorithm tweaks with your latest route plans which will help you utilize your fleet to the maximum.

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More orders served with Incremental Planning

Orders come in 24*7 but plans are generated at a fixed time. You can use our Incremental Planning module to allow post cut-off orders to be included in your daily dispatch plan without disrupting the other scheduled orders. This will ensure higher dispatch percentage, reduced order backlog, and faster customer order fulfilment; all this, while improving the vehicle utilization.

Delivery Tracking with LOTR app

The Locus-On-The-Road mobile application allows your delivery partners to adhere to tasks and record Proof-of-Deliveries, cash collected, etc. without any difficulties. LOTR app upgrades included usability improvements to save time during pick-ups from Distribution Centers, delivery partner profile verification, geofencing upgrades, etc. Encourage your delivery partners to use the LOTR app to improve their efficiency.

Locus Platform Upgrade

Continuous experiments and product upgrades are happening with the enterprise-grade Locus platform which has released a new version of its APIs. Improvements have been made with respect to transportation management data as well as enabling you to utilize all your route-fleet restrictions better to build you the best route plan for your operations

The Locus team is committed to constantly upgrading the features and your transportation infrastructure. If you would like to know more about any of the above features or want to understand the roadmap, please feel free to reach out to your Locus Engagement Manager.

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