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Optimizing warehouse operations using Locus dispatch management software


How E-commerce Warehouse Operations can be Optimized with Dispatch Management Software

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Prateek Shetty

Feb 17, 2023

Warehouses are an integral component of e-commerce operations and businesses need to ensure warehouses are efficiently organized to meet customer demands.

Minimize your Delivery Complexities using Logistics Automation

CEP and 3PL

Minimize your Last Mile Logistics Delivery Complexities using Logistics Automation

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Lakshmi D

May 19, 2020

Last mile logistics deliveries are becoming more complicated with each passing day. On one-side, customer expectations are increasing, and on the other, delivery companies are struggling with rising distribution costs and pressures to maintain profitability.  How automation eliminates delivery complexities in last mile logistics?  Last-mile technologies like logistics automation have made it possible to run […]

‘One Nation, One Tax’ — A Sector-Wise Impact Breakdown locus.sh


‘One Nation, One Tax’ — A Sector-Wise Impact Breakdown

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Team Locus

Jun 29, 2017

The hula-hoop around GST has been spinning for a while now, just enough to make it a strong contender for news of the year. It is finally here, despite protests from various corners of the polygon that is the Indian business sector, from diamond merchants to fabric traders to the film industry. But the train […]

Automated Parcel / Package Sorting System

Dispatch Management

Smart Package Sorting – Add Intelligence to Your Warehouse

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Team Locus

Jun 1, 2017

Smart, well informed and less tolerant is what defines new age digital consumers. E-commerce business has advanced towards being more consumer-centric. Today, consumers are accustomed to ‘Click & Buy’ model with an expectation of shorter delivery time along with the flexibility in delivery anywhere & anytime. Alain Ferard from Neopost put it aptly — “Customers expect convenience”.These […]