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Shippers- Optimize Truckloads With Intelligent Solutions

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Prateek Shetty

Jul 25, 2023

In a world where Amazon is the new storefront and everyone and their uncle suddenly loves to play SimCity with their supply chain, understanding the nuts and bolts of truckload types is as crucial as getting the latest iPhone before it sells out. The global trucking industry market size has suppressed $285 billion in 2022 […]

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Dispatch Management

Loading a shipping container — Part II

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Team Locus

Feb 22, 2017

(Volumetric Packing Benchmarks) I hope you all enjoyed the first read in the series of write-ups on the Lattice 3D packing. Locus has since, been busy improving the core 3D packing algorithm, adding more features and tuning its hyper parameters. We will visit all of these in a dedicated, follow-up article. Until then let’s get into some specifics and numbers. […]