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Bringing Order to Chaos: Last-Mile Delivery Costs and How to Reduce Them

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Mrinalini Khattar

Jun 16, 2023

Say you purchase your coveted gadget online, eagerly tracking its journey from warehouse to your welcoming hands. Now take a moment to think about the complicated trip your gadget took to reach your doorstep. Step into the world of last-mile delivery, the unsung hero of the e-commerce world. Customer satisfaction and keeping costs in check […]

Hub and spoke distribution model


The Rise of Hub and Spoke Distribution Model in Modern Supply Chains

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Shweta Sarma

Apr 24, 2020

In an environment where every customer matters, know how a hub and spoke model can satisfy consumers with faster deliveries. What is Hub and Spoke Model in Supply Chain? As the name suggests, a hub and spoke model is a centralized warehousing and shipment system that resembles the structure of a bicycle wheel. The center […]

Time-Slot Management

Delivery Experience

Time-Slot Management: Are You Ready to Deliver at the Customer’s Command?

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Shweta Sarma

Mar 17, 2020

Updated: May 12, 2023 Gone are the days when the customer would wait for weeks or days to get a parcel delivered. Speed, convenience and predictability are the new rules. The customer’s demand for faster and same-day deliveries is increasing by the day, and businesses are investing in smarter logistics solutions to fasten their delivery […]