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Last-mile Dialogues: Make Your D2c Strategy a Winner With an Intelligent SCM Solution

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Prateek Shetty

May 15, 2023

Locus organized a roundtable discussion with industry leaders in the D2C segment on how brands can utilize SCM solutions to discover last-mile efficiencies.

Role of AI in Supply Chain Transformation

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The role of AI in Supply Chain Transformation: Locus Webinar Takeaways

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Team Locus

May 14, 2020

Supply chains around the globe are in absolute chaos today. COVID-19 and uncertain lockdowns have caused major disruptions in the way businesses operate. To define the emerging industry trends, and the role of Artificial Intelligence in modernizing the retail and FMCG supply chain, Locus recently hosted an exclusive live webinar.  Darija Pizent, Director of Supply […]