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Six Package Sorting Mistakes That Impact Your On-Time Delivery Rates

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Lakshmi D

Sep 5, 2023

Imagine your name is Katie Wilson. One fine morning, you received the order with a different name, Katie Richardson, and address. Say the same thing happens to Katie Richardson, too.  Isn’t it frustrating?  These troubles occur as a result of sorting mistakes in the warehouse. Every sorting mistake that gets committed leads to a fall […]

Automated Parcel / Package Sorting System

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Smart Package Sorting – Add Intelligence to Your Warehouse

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Team Locus

Jun 1, 2017

Smart, well informed and less tolerant is what defines new age digital consumers. E-commerce business has advanced towards being more consumer-centric. Today, consumers are accustomed to ‘Click & Buy’ model with an expectation of shorter delivery time along with the flexibility in delivery anywhere & anytime. Alain Ferard from Neopost put it aptly — “Customers expect convenience”.These […]