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time slot management

Delivery Experience

Want to offer convenient time-slot bookings for your home services customers?

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Siddhesh Raut

Jan 11, 2022

Home services companies must provide high-quality, convenient services to stay ahead. Know how Locus enables convenience with its time slot management system.

Meet Locus’ Lead Data Scientist Who Has a Knack for Working With Difficult Things


Meet Locus’ Lead Data Scientist Who Has a Knack for Working With Difficult Things

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Mrinalini Khattar

Aug 13, 2021

All of us know of at least one person who is particularly good at doing difficult things. What is complicated and tedious for most is a walk in the park for them. They also don’t call difficult things difficult; they call them challenging. Locus’ Lead Data Scientist, Abhishek Roy, is that person.  He is too […]


Geocoding Explained: Why It Matters and How It Works

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Mrinalini Khattar

Jun 18, 2020

Introduction The fundamental role of any language, natural or programming, is to convey information. With natural languages, ambiguity can often lead to rich and nuanced meanings. For instance, if you’re impressed with a restaurant’s fare, you could say “the food was great,”“the food was insane,” or even “the restaurant serves killer food.” Humans can easily […]

Route Optimization Engine

Route Optimization

How The World’s Best Route Optimization Engine Works

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Team Locus

Jan 29, 2018

While other traditional ‘track & trace’ solutions tell you ‘where your truck is’, Locus’ route optimization engine goes a step further to answer ‘where your truck should be!’ Consider the following scenario: 10 Shipments, 10 drop-off locations. 1 rider to complete the job in a day. Sounds simple enough problem to solve, isn’t it? Numerous cognitive […]