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Importance of RBAC for enterprise

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Importance of Role-Based Access Control for Enterprise

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Team Locus

Sep 6, 2021

Author Name: Aayush Khandelwal Often, when SaaS companies launch, the users have access to all the features. However, several enterprises and customers require that users should have access to only those features which they need to perform their job. This is in line with the principle of least privilege. The principle of least privilege is […]

Logistics Optimization in Canada

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What Are Consumer Companies Doing In Canada To Optimise Logistics And Why?

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Team Locus

Aug 27, 2018

Logistics Optimization in Canada: Recently, 78 Canadian companies, 26 business associations and 12 Canadian academic institutions came together to form SCALE.AI, and the Government of Canada announced it had selected SCALE. AI as one of five winning industry-led proposals in its Innovation Super clusters Initiative. SCALE stands for Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence, and it’s an AI-powered […]