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GoTo Merger


GoTo Merger – A Super App, Woke Consumers, and A Transforming SEA Economy

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Prabhat Pawar

Jun 23, 2021

2019. That was the year when I first experienced the true power of wielding an app where I could hail a cab, order food or simply get parcels delivered anywhere in the city, all from a single interface. Although India had advanced reasonably well in the ride-hailing, food and b2c deliveries, and fintech industries individually […]

CEP and 3PL

4 Questions You Need To Answer About Your Supply Chain If You Are In Southeast Asia

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Team Locus

Jul 30, 2018

Southeast Asia represents an economy of over 600 million people and a GDP of 2.4 trillion USD. According to the international research firm Frost & Sullivan, Indonesia’s compound annual growth rate is predicted to be 15.4% till 2020. Lower production costs, massive government spending, increasing disposable income of a growing middle class, along with an […]