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Importance of supply chain design post GST

Supply Chain Optimization

5 Changes You Need In Your Supply Chain Design Post-GST

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Team Locus

Feb 26, 2018

With the introduction of Goods & Service Tax (GST) initiatives, it has become critical for businesses to embrace the inevitable change and redesign their logistics flow to optimise and increase efficiency in supply chain. Supply chain now involves more than just ‘buying and selling’ of goods. Designing a seamless logistics network determines the fate of […]

‘One Nation, One Tax’ — A Sector-Wise Impact Breakdown locus.sh


‘One Nation, One Tax’ — A Sector-Wise Impact Breakdown

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Team Locus

Jun 29, 2017

The hula-hoop around GST has been spinning for a while now, just enough to make it a strong contender for news of the year. It is finally here, despite protests from various corners of the polygon that is the Indian business sector, from diamond merchants to fabric traders to the film industry. But the train […]