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Liberalization of Geospatial Data and Mapping Policies

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Liberalization of Geospatial Data and Mapping Policies Could Unlock New Doors for India’s Logistics Tech Industry

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Team Locus

Mar 2, 2021

India’s Ministry of Science and Technology has announced changes to the country’s mapping and geospatial data laws, liberalizing regulations on geospatial information, making it freely available for innovation and IT companies across the country.  New guidelines have been issued for acquiring and producing geospatial data and geospatial data services, including maps. Indian citizens, corporations, and […]

Route Optimization VS Google Maps

Route Optimization

Specialized Route Optimization Engine VS Google Maps Route Optimization: What’s the Difference?

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Shweta Sarma

Feb 27, 2020

When carrying out complex logistics operations for a business, a number of other important factors must be considered. You need a smart solution that can automate your end-to-end logistics activities, save costs and reduce human dependency. Google Maps routes or other web route mapping services are not capable of doing that. That’s where advanced route optimization […]