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How to improve net promoter score

CEP and 3PL

How to Improve Net Promoter Score for Your Courier Company

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Lakshmi D

Mar 6, 2023

What do the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and Taylor Swift have in common?. For one thing: It’s their loyal following. Despite its steep price, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max emerged as the highest-selling iPhone model in Q4 2022 in the US.  Taylor Swift currently has 92.4 million followers on Twitter, 246 million Instagram […]

Achieve last mile excellence

In Focus Webinars

In Focus: Achieve Last Mile Excellence by Handling Your Logistics Teams Better

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Prateek Shetty

Dec 19, 2022

Take advantage of the last-mile market growth rate by leveraging technology to understand customer behavior and achieve positive business outcomes.

Delivery agent is happy to make first attempt delivery successful

Last Mile Delivery Optimization

First Attempt Delivery Rate: The Metric for CEP & Retail Success

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Lakshmi D

Dec 9, 2022

First Attempt Delivery Success rate will be the future of retail and CEP as the new-age customer cannot take delays and certainly not a failed delivery.