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Curbside pickup

Retail & CPG

Curbside Pickups: What are They and How do They Work?

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Lakshmi D

Mar 10, 2023

Liam is a baseball lover and a fan of the Chicago White Sox. On his way to the baseball stadium, he wants to grab food from a grocery store without having to wait inside the store. Instead of ordering in advance at home or waiting at the store, Liam wants to get it quickly. Wouldn’t […]

How to improve net promoter score

CEP and 3PL

How to Improve Net Promoter Score for Your Courier Company

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Lakshmi D

Mar 6, 2023

What do the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and Taylor Swift have in common?. For one thing: It’s their loyal following. Despite its steep price, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max emerged as the highest-selling iPhone model in Q4 2022 in the US.  Taylor Swift currently has 92.4 million followers on Twitter, 246 million Instagram […]

Time to value in last mile

Last Mile Delivery Optimization

Time To Value And Its Importance For the Last Mile

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Lakshmi D

Feb 27, 2023

Time to value in last-mile delivery is the time gap between buying a dispatch management solution and gaining a positive Return On Investment (ROI) from it.

Optimizing warehouse operations using Locus dispatch management software


How E-commerce Warehouse Operations can be Optimized with Dispatch Management Software

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Prateek Shetty

Feb 17, 2023

Warehouses are an integral component of e-commerce operations and businesses need to ensure warehouses are efficiently organized to meet customer demands.


Last Mile Delivery Optimization

Pivot For The Win: Shyft’s Leap to Last Mile Excellence With the Locus Platform

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Siddhesh Raut

Aug 10, 2022

Shyft wanted a long-term engagement with a last-mile technology provider and the Locus platform helped them achieve key milestones in their last-mile growth.