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Cross-border E-commerce Strategy


9 Essential Tips for Building a Cross-border E-commerce Strategy

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Lakshmi D

Jul 15, 2021

33% of consumers bought more cross border due to pandemic- IPC Cross-Border E-commerce shopper survey, 2020.  47% of cross-border deliveries were slower due to COVID-19. – IPC Cross-Border E-commerce shopper survey, 2020.  Today, E-commerce has made cross-border selling and buying much easier than a decade ago. Though the demand for cross border e-commerce has increased […]

What Is Network Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

What Is Network Optimization? Why Is It the Need of the Hour?

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Lakshmi D

Apr 7, 2021

With the rising customer expectations, delivery businesses find it challenging to budget their logistics operations. Handling customer demand and balancing costs is just a double edged sword that needs more attention. A small glitch in either of these can lead to poor delivery experience, increasing costs and loss of revenue.  The supply chain costs kept […]