Skill Based Routing: The Sorting Hat of Intelligent Logistics

Skill Based Routing: The Sorting Hat of Intelligent Logistics

In our previous post, we had introduced the concept of serviceability, its significance and implication for the future of logistics. It would not be telling to say that we have only scratched the surface. Leaving it at that will be like belittling the layers that lie beneath.

Let’s dig deeper…

Serviceability has an unpredictable complexion to it, with loose cannons like weather, traffic and other external factors. Despite said constraints, resource optimisation is no longer meant to be a grey area. Intelligent logistics solutions can use available data to generate an optimisation model that can improve the serviceability quotient, by ensuring that the available resources are utilised to their full extent. In doing so, it delivers greater operational efficiency, exceptional customer experience, and minimum wastage. Fortifying what is within is the key to handle external forces.

Skill Based Routing Use-case:

Earlier, we had come across a certain John Doe who wanted to schedule an optometrist appointment before choosing the right lens. He could opt for an instant service or schedule it for a different time. Now, the catch is ensuring that the right service executive (optometrist, in this case) is assigned to the task. Like we discussed earlier, the agent’s status, working hours, schedule and SLAs do figure into evaluating the best suited agent for the task. But from a huge list of service executives, the business has to sort out the ones with the right skill for the task before the rest of the analysis is set in motion. If not, our customer will find a delivery executive at his doorstep instead of an optometrist.

When time is key, as it often is, the right step towards improving serviceability quotient is by getting the right resource to the right customer, while still preserving operational and resource efficiencies. Compromising efficiency in this case is not even an option, and yet, businesses tend to succumb to the pressure. And this is nothing but an indicator of a poor serviceability quotient.

getting the right resource to the right customer

Locus helps you improve that score with its proprietary Skill-Based Routing (SBR), a powerful, state-of-the-art routing capability designed to match each assignment with the agent who has the skill set best suited to handle the task on a real-time basis.

Locus’ Skill Based Routing (SBR) blends the procured skills and competencies of the workforce together with acquired data to ensure your customers’ interactions are delivered on time, with utmost efficiency. It serves as the perfect tool to ensure your valued customers or partners are connected with agents capable of maximising the value of each interaction.

Using Locus’ solutions to analyse and meet your requirements can transform your business into a true strategic asset for enhanced customer satisfaction, and better service personnel utilisation. Functioning like the Sorting Hat from the Wizarding World, SBR (Skill Based Routing) is yet another piece of technology from Locus that is indistinguishable from magic.

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[Infographics] Skill-Based Routing for Flawless On-demand Service Dispatching
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