On-Time and In-Full Delivery: Why Balancing Both is Important for You

On-Time and In-Full Delivery in Supply Chain

On-Time and In-Full Deliveries are the benchmarks of an optimal supply chain. With logistics costs rising, increasing Full Truck Loads (trucks which are almost completely filled) has always been an area of emphasis for logistics managers, often to the point of compromising on the other half — On-Time. Being there on-time is as important as delivering to your customer in-full.

Customers make maximum purchases of commodities at specific timings:

  • Early in the morning for the freshest fruits & vegetables
  • Mid-day for finished goods
  • Evenings for apparels & FMCG goods

If at those times your products are not present on the shelves, your competitor’s product will sell.

Today’s internet & mobile-friendly generation is used to placing an order online and getting a quick turn around on the request  – be it ordering goods, food or taxis. People now not only want things delivered to them quickly but also at their preferred time slots. This behaviour is found not only in B2C, but the B2B space as well.

Here’s how delivering to your customer at their preferred times helps in B2B:

  • Customer delight  –  Giving them convenience & thus increasing loyalty and retention
  • Timely replenishment  –  Your product is present on shelves when consumers come to buy
  • Process Efficiency  – Customer is expecting the delivery, reducing time spent in unloading vehicles

In countries like our’s, products rarely retain their exclusivity, with competition cropping up everywhere — both local and global. Being present on shelves without bleeding logistics costs is crucial in maintaining both competitive edge and customer delight.

On-Time adds a layer of complexity to In-Full. Balancing timely fulfilment with the cost incurred is a difficult decision for a human to make daily.

Leave it to Locus, while focussing on ensuring a positive experience for your customers. We solve such problems daily for goods & people movement across FMCG, e-commerce, home services & even heavy machinery. Drop us a mail to know more.

Anyway, I hear the doorbell — probably my groceries have arrived just when I wanted them. Have a good day 🙂

This post was authored by: Shreevar Rastogi

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