What’s new @ Locus – Enterprise SSO, Locus 2.0, Homebase clubbing, and more…

What’s new @ Locus

Locus Product Updates - June Releases Summary

The first half of 2020 has definitely tested the robustness of the health of both people and processes in supply chains. Together we have faced changing regulations, demand, and disruptions to our supply chain. And Locus is fully committed to ensuring that you get the best route plans, live tracking of deliveries, and operation analytics even in these trying times.

Here’s the latest from the Locus Products division about the key feature and enhancement releases carried out in the last 30 days.

Enterprise Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Enterprise Single-Sign-On

We have revamped our access management system to be able to integrate with your SSO partners. This means that you can use your same business login credentials to access your Locus dashboard. We are making available this feature at an additional cost. We hence will require you to opt-in to enable this for your account. Rest assured, you can continue using Locus without using your enterprise SSO login as well.

Locus 2.0 Avatar – Releasing Soon

We are pushing out a significant upgrade in the form of our new LiveView module. You can expect this upgrade to land in your Locus dashboard in the next couple of months.

The new functionalities will help you in better searching and tracking of delivery partners, a quick comparison of planned versus executed data, manage live monitoring of thousands of orders and delivery partners without sacrificing your productivity or system performance. We will continue to communicate with you about LiveView revamp and other changes that you can expect in the coming months.

Locus On The Road App

Homebase clubbing in LOTR app

Our Locus-On-The-Road (LOTR) app (not to be confused with Lord Of The Rings but equally epic) released a new user flow. The upgrade was focussed on helping your delivery partners to quickly club multiple orders and complete their work. Also, our LOTR mobile app is multi-lingual with the Android app supporting 23 languages, and the iOS one supporting 17 languages. 

Trips, Tours, and Timezones…

When delivery partners went about doing multiple pick-ups and drop-offs to fulfill assigned orders for the day, you viewed it as one trip. This meant the visualization and analytics placed a different view of the executed plan versus the scheduled one.

We wanted to accurately capture on-ground execution and have now launched a display at a tour-level. Every visit to the Homebase is shown separately in a Gantt chart and captured likewise in your reporting. If you are planning for orders across multiple geographies or trips which span numerous days, we have made the Locus Platform cognizant of local time zones and recognize the same while fulfilling orders. 

175 million orders analyzed for you!

E-grocery and at-home diagnostics are two sectors that are clearly on the rise in May 2020 as compared to the April 2020 figures. The Locus On The Ground Report monthly edition tracks millions of orders to give you an insight into the various industry order patterns. Do check out this new reports here.

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