Graceful Scaling of Queue Workers...

Background: One of the most utilized products of Locus – Dispatcher, is used to solve the constrained vehicle routing problem.…

  • Dylan Colaco
    May 20

Why are logistics costs so high in Southeast Asia, and how can technology curb it?

The US spends 3.5% of its GDP on defence. India spends about 2.7% of its GDP on education. A substantial…

  • Sreshtha Das
    May 17

Only The Paranoid Survive

The message from Andrew Grove, founder of Intel, has been my watchword for Locus. Locus was never meant to be…

  • Nishith Rastogi
    May 13

The trouble in paradise for 3PL and their fleet

What happens when your best friend turns into your biggest foe?  Shock, Anguish, and Sadness.  Just a few of the images that…

  • Sreshtha Das
    March 24

How Can Route Optimization Reduce Costs And Improve Last-mile Delivery In Southeast Asia

Hidayat is en-route to deliver the parcel to the customer he has been assigned. The address says: “Selular shop, Mall…

  • Sreshtha Das
    February 7

Locus’ 60-second Guide to Omnichannel Retail

‘Omnichannel’ is the latest buzzword in the FMCG and Retail industry.  Every retailer now wants different channels to deliver its…

  • Nishith Rastogi
    December 17

4 Pertanyaan Yang Perlu Dijawab Tentang Supply Rantai Apabila Kamu Tinggal Di Wilayah Asia Tenggara

Benua Asia adalah sebuah daerah memiliki jumlah penduduk yang terdapat lebih dari 600 jutaorang dan sebuah kekuatan ekonomi Produk Domestik…

  • Sreshtha Das
    December 11