Last-Mile Delivery Costs: Bringing Order...

Last-mile delivery costs consume over two-fifths of overall logistics costs.- Frost and Sullivan, 2018 It is no secret that customer…

  • Lakshmi D
    April 1

Ensuring Contactless Food and Grocery Delivery in times of Social Distancing

As nations declare complete lockdowns and billions across the globe embrace social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, consumer…

  • Shweta Sarma
    March 26

Last-Mile Tracking and Why it matters for Businesses in 2020?

“Cracking visibility problems depend on Last-Mile tracking.” Real-time visibility plays an active role in sustaining the excitement of buying a…

  • Lakshmi D
    March 25

What is the perfect recipe for making same-day delivery a success in Southeast Asia?

The internet economy in Southeast Asia is booming. Well, that is an accepted fact now. But, how booming is it…

  • Vignesh J
    March 24

What’s new in the last-mile delivery for E-commerce?

Fleet drivers, these days, are usually in the  tense ‘eleventh-hour’ exam prep mode when they are set for delivery. With…

  • Lakshmi D
    March 17

Time-Slot Management: Are you ready to deliver at the customer’s command?

Gone are the days when the customer would wait for weeks or days to get a parcel delivered. Speed is…

  • Shweta Sarma
    March 17

Route Planning Software: Fuel your inter-urban delivery routes business by saving on fuel costs

Ask any fleet driver if he/she prefers driving inside the city or outside, the usual answer is, “Outside, on the…

  • Lakshmi D
    March 12