In Focus: Emerging Medicine Delivery Trends in Egypt and the Middle East Featuring Vezeeta

Medicine delivery in Egypt and MIddle east

The e-pharma market is one of the fastest growing industries globally and this growth is reflective in Egypt and the Middle East as well. Research shows that the online pharmacy revenue in Egypt is around $914 million in 2022 and will reach $1.86 billion in 2027. Similarly, revenue in the UAE is about $112.70 million and is projected to reach $304 million in 2027. Needless to  say,  e-pharmacy is changing the way medicine is being delivered.

To discuss how medicine delivery trends are evolving in the Middle East and how digital transformation will help pharmacies keep pace with the competition, Locus’ Vice President, Customer Success, Sugandha Rajput, and Abdallah Soliman, Product Manager, Vezeeta,  a leading healthcare and online pharmacy in Egypt and the Middle East, were featured in one of our recent In Focus episode “Emerging Medicine Delivery Trends in the Egypt and the Middle East.

Key takeaways from the web session:

  • Digital disruption in the pharmacy space: Patients in the UAE and Egypt used to have nearby pharmacies to visit during emergencies which were less than a kilometer away. Rapid urbanization in Egypt changed this, and made physical pharmacies not as easily accessible to patients anymore, making digital pharmacy the need of the hour.
  • The pandemic altered patients’ buying behavior: Even before the pandemic, patients were big on ordering medications online.  The crisis worked as a catalyst and made e-pharmacy companies like Vezeeta popular, thanks to contactless delivery, order scheduling, and contactless payment. Watch the full video to understand how the pandemic altered the future of medicine delivery for the better.

         To gain access to all the insights, watch our entire webinar

  • Roadblocks to e-Pharmacy growth in Egypt: Since the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated globally, including Egypt, which mandates pharmacies cannot be closed or operated as a dark store, making it tough on all pharmacies. Watch the entire web session to understand all the challenges companies like Vezeeta face and how to overcome them.
  • Best practices for industry players: We also share some best practices ranging from drivers’ experience, leveraging data & insights, and routing technology for effective deliveries to improving customer experience and ultimately helping foster better patient engagement.

Locus’ state-of-the-art routing software can make all the difference in making medicine deliveries a cakewalk for e-pharmacy companies like Vezeeta. Locus has enabled over 650m+ deliveries, saved $200 million in logistics costs and serviced over 400 cities across the globe.

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