How to Enable a Seamless Customer Experience With At-Home Salon and Beauty Services

As the Omicron variant takes precedence over our lives, we are hushed into our homes again. The third wave was not entirely unanticipated, and so businesses are better prepared to handle fluctuating demands this time. 2020 marked a significant shift to online consumption and the streak continues in 2022 as well. Home delivery rules the roost and everything you can imagine can be delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

New values for spending

As consumers are forced to spend more time at home, there is an evident shift in their spending habits that is making way for permanent changes. This is primarily reflected in a shift to online shopping. Reduction in purchases of non-essential items, reduced travel expenditure and an increased focus on home and self care are examples of this change. Immunity boosting products have become an important consumer demand from the food and beverage (F&B) industry, while beauty, health and wellness industries are finding new ground to flourish.

Rise of the self-care industry

Health and wellness industry trends

Even before the pandemic, the self care industry was booming, making health and wellness consistently popular trends among people of all ages in the United States. The industry has seen exponential growth since 2020 and has an estimated value of $13 billion by 2026. And this is just a small part of the global wellness market, which is currently valued at $1.5 trillion, with a promising annual growth rate of 5-10%.

Home service businesses are here to stay 

As self care and wellness as a lifestyle grows, beauty services remain popular, but they are now sought in the comfort of homes instead of salons and spas which can be breeding grounds for infections. A highly modern and simple way to purchase and schedule services by professionals, home services are an efficient and time-saving option for customers. An increase in the adoption of technology makes this process smoother as bookings can be done using online platforms. Some of the advantages of in-home beauty services include:

  1. The sheer comfort and convenience of it: There is no greater comfort than one’s own home and this makes in-home services doubly relaxing. Customers can watch their favorite TV shows and clean up soon after the professional therapy is over making this a pleasant affair.
  1. It saves time: A big plus of in-home beauty services is that customers can save on precious time. Commuting to the salon is often tedious and counterproductive when all you want to do is unwind and have a good time. 
  1. Undivided attention from the professional: A marked difference in the  treatments provided by in-home beauty professionals is that they are not distracted by other tasks or customers as in salons. As a result, the quality of service is considerably better.
  1. It’s affordable: Running and maintaining a salon comes with its costs; costs which have to be borne by the customer. In-home beauty services do away with that so the same treatments can be enjoyed at a more affordable price. 

Logistics Challenges and Solutions for Home Services

As the demand for in-home services increases, businesses are looking to invest in technology and automation tools for better operational management. 

On demand scheduling of tasks, handling resource shortage, inefficiencies in route planning, catering to time-slots, and tracking and monitoring the on-ground staff are only a few of the the logistics challenges that the industry faces. A daily service dispatch planning app can help resolve these on-ground inefficiencies and prevent delays in the planned day-to-day services. 

Assigning the right professionals in real-time to the right customers, keeping in mind their proximity and availability is no easy task. Locus Route Optimization Software can help businesses cater to more than a handful of customer addresses and destinations in a day. By reducing human intervention in the logistics planning process, Route optimization Software saves time, energy and resources while introducing more speed and accuracy in orders.

As the future of work transforms, more and more consumers will be spending time in the comfort of their homes. Customers are getting accustomed to hybrid working models, and as a result greater spending on home utility and wellness services can be anticipated. Businesses that wish to stay on the top of their game, must evolve and adapt with the customers’ changing lifestyles as well.

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