Inter Urban Delivery Routes


Route Planning Software: Fuel your inter-urban delivery routes business by saving on fuel costs

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Lakshmi D

Mar 12, 2020

Ask any fleet driver if he/she prefers driving inside the city or outside, the usual answer is, “Outside, on the highways, anyday!”. Roadblocks, traffic congestion, or unexpected accidents make urban delivery routes really challenging. If there is something that fleet drivers and fleet managers are concerned about in the last-mile delivery, it is the fuel […]

Traveling salesmen problem

Route Optimization

Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and How Tech Can Solve It

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Lakshmi D

Mar 2, 2020

Updated: Mar 9, 2023 Salespersons are required to travel frequently as a part of their job, with the aim of maximizing their business opportunities. However, their daily schedules are often subject to sudden changes due to scheduled and last-minute customer appointments, making it difficult for them to plan optimal travel routes. As a result, salespersons […]

Route Optimization for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Route Optimization for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Countering last-mile delivery problems

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Lakshmi D

Feb 28, 2020

Pharmaceutical organizations spend on average 6% of their revenue on logistics- World Health Organization and Parenteral Drug Association statistics (WHO and PDA).  The pharmaceutical industry has been successful in creating life-saving drugs through advanced research and clinical trials. Transportation and storage determine the major success of pharma products globally. A small mistake in logistics can […]

Route Optimization for 3PL

CEP and 3PL

Route Optimization for Third-party Logistics Operators: Making your Logistics Operations Economical

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Lakshmi D

Feb 18, 2020

Imagine a company in Mumbai wants to ship its products to California. This company does not have its own vehicles or transportation. What does it do? The company outsources its operations to a third-party logistics operator. This third-party logistics provider transports goods from one location to another.  Third-party logistics operators conduct logistics and transport activities […]