Route Optimization for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Route Optimization for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Countering last-mile delivery problems

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Lakshmi D

Feb 28, 2020

Pharmaceutical organizations spend on average 6% of their revenue on logistics- World Health Organization and Parenteral Drug Association statistics (WHO and PDA).  The pharmaceutical industry has been successful in creating life-saving drugs through advanced research and clinical trials. Transportation and storage determine the major success of pharma products globally. A small mistake in logistics can […]

Route Optimization for 3PL

CEP and 3PL

Route Optimization for Third-party Logistics Operators: Making your Logistics Operations Economical

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Lakshmi D

Feb 18, 2020

Imagine a company in Mumbai wants to ship its products to California. This company does not have its own vehicles or transportation. What does it do? The company outsources its operations to a third-party logistics operator. This third-party logistics provider transports goods from one location to another.  Third-party logistics operators conduct logistics and transport activities […]