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  • Lakshmi D in Blog | Locus
    April 1

Last-Mile Delivery Costs: Bringing Order to Chaos

Last-mile delivery costs consume over two-fifths of overall logistics costs.- Frost and Sullivan, 2018 It is no secret that customer…

  • Shweta Sarma in Blog | Locus
    March 26

Ensuring Contactless Food and Grocery Delivery in times of Social Distancing

As nations declare complete lockdowns and billions across the globe embrace social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, consumer…

  • Lakshmi D in Blog | Locus
    March 25

Last-Mile Tracking and Why it matters for Businesses in 2020?

“Cracking visibility problems depend on Last-Mile tracking.” Real-time visibility plays an active role in sustaining the excitement of buying a…

  • Vignesh J in Blog | Locus
    March 24

What is the perfect recipe for making same-day delivery a success in Southeast Asia?

The internet economy in Southeast Asia is booming. Well, that is an accepted fact now. But, how booming is it…

  • Lakshmi D in Blog | Locus
    March 17

What’s new in the last-mile delivery for E-commerce?

Fleet drivers, these days, are usually in the  tense ‘eleventh-hour’ exam prep mode when they are set for delivery. With…

  • Shweta Sarma in Blog | Locus
    March 17

Time-Slot Management: Are you ready to deliver at the customer’s command?

Gone are the days when the customer would wait for weeks or days to get a parcel delivered. Speed is…

  • Lakshmi D in Blog | Locus
    March 12

Route Planning Software: Fuel your inter-urban delivery routes business by saving on fuel costs

Ask any fleet driver if he/she prefers driving inside the city or outside, the usual answer is, “Outside, on the…

  • Vignesh J in Blog | Locus
    March 4

The future of E-commerce lies in achieving same-day and slot-based deliveries

Convenience. That’s the word of our times.  With all the apps doing the rounds, everything happens in an instant. Have…

  • Lakshmi D in Blog | Locus
    March 2

Traveling Salesman Problem: It’s more than cost-efficiency

With a steep increase in on-demand deliveries, modern enterprises are  obsessed with rising costs. Being cost efficient is essential, but…

  • Lakshmi D in Blog | Locus
    February 28

Route Optimization for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Countering last-mile delivery challenges

Pharmaceutical organizations spend on average 6% of their revenue on logistics- World Health Organization and Parenteral Drug Association statistics (WHO…

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