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  • Shweta Sarma in Blog | Locus
    September 10

What’s in store for FMCG in 2025? We just found out from experts

The global consumer goods industry is currently going through a phase of massive transformation. Companies now need to break traditions…

  • Sreshtha Das in Blog | Locus
    August 27

E-commerce disrupting the CPG landscape

How distributors can thrive in the changing scenario Distributors have been an indispensable part of the CPG supply chain. CPG…

  • Riya Raju in Blog | Locus
    August 23

How Hollywood can teach us supply chain lessons: The red carpet of logistics

The power of film is well masked behind the facade of Hollywood scandals and celebrity faff. If you take a…

  • Sreshtha Das in Blog | Locus
    July 31

When will my package arrive: The cost of missed deliveries

I am at my house playing with my kids. In theory, I have taken a day off so that I…

  • Riya Raju in Blog | Locus
    July 22

How to tackle last mile delivery challenges in North America using technology: Logistics solutions to catapult business profits

Running a marathon may be about the long haul, but that last stretch is what makes all the difference. Imagine…

  • Sreshtha Das in Blog | Locus
    July 4

The Journey of the Mango: How India’s favorite fruit reaches your plate

What’s a summer without mangoes. As we dig into this delightful, golden fruit of joy, our brows relaxed, our lips…

  • Rohit Nadgouda in Blog | Locus
    June 10

Hitting The Road Running: Can An App Improve The Life Of The Delivery Executives?

Liam works for a major e-commerce firm in Chicago and delivers about 30-35 orders per day. The number goes up…

  • Dylan Colaco in Blog | Locus
    May 20

Graceful Scaling of Queue Workers

Background: One of the most utilized products of Locus – Dispatcher, is used to solve the constrained vehicle routing problem.…

  • Sreshtha Das in Blog | Locus
    May 17

Why are logistics costs so high in Southeast Asia, and how can technology curb it?

The US spends 3.5% of its GDP on defence. India spends about 2.7% of its GDP on education. A substantial…

  • Nishith Rastogi in Blog | Locus
    May 13

Only The Paranoid Survive

The message from Andrew Grove, founder of Intel, has been my watchword for Locus. Locus was never meant to be…

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