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  • Shweta Sarma in Blog | Locus
    January 8

Network Optimization is the way to go for Supply Chain Enterprises

Key takeaways from the webinar ‘Unlocking the potential of supply chain network’ “Today’s supply chains are perfectly suited for the…

  • Shweta Sarma in Blog | Locus
    December 4

The Changing Logistics of Grocery Stores with Last Mile Delivery Route Optimization

E-Commerce has significantly transformed consumer buying behaviour. In recent years, there has been a major shift from retail shopping to…

  • Sreshtha Das in Blog | Locus
    November 8

Single and Available for Shopping

When we think of events that cause a sharp spike in e-commerce revenues, occasions like Cyber Monday and Black Friday…

  • Shweta Sarma in Blog | Locus
    October 28

White-Glove Service: Everything you need to know

The tremendous growth of e-commerce has redefined the meaning of luxury among consumers worldwide. It is no longer defined by…

  • Shweta Sarma in Blog | Locus
    October 14

No Deal Brexit: A Nightmare for European Logistics?

Brexit has been a sensational controversy for a long time now but long-delayed for several reasons. However, D-Day is approaching…

  • Sreshtha Das in Blog | Locus
    October 4

What if the Oil Slipped?

The potential aftermath of Saudi Arabia attacks on world logistics.  On Saturday, September 14, 2019, Saudi Arabia faced drone attacks…

  • Riya Raju in Blog | Locus
    September 16

How your supply chain can accommodate the festive season rush: Santa’s gifting you logistics solutions this year

Deck the halls with gifts and turkeys! It’s that time of the year again when retailers get a whole lot…

  • Riya Raju in Blog | Locus
    September 16

Implementing incentive-based pay for delivery executives: Performance over Pressure

Come hell or high water, your customer’s delivery always makes its way to the comfort of their home with the…

  • Shweta Sarma in Blog | Locus
    September 10

What’s in store for FMCG in 2025? We just found out from experts

The global consumer goods industry is currently going through a phase of massive transformation. Companies now need to break traditions…

  • Sreshtha Das in Blog | Locus
    August 27

E-commerce disrupting the CPG landscape

How distributors can thrive in the changing scenario Distributors have been an indispensable part of the CPG supply chain. CPG…

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