All Play and No Work at Locus Sports Day 2022!

Remember the days of running around on your school field, manically chasing a football with adrenaline pumping through your veins, and a sense of team spirit and unity fuelling your body? Team Locus made an effort to recreate this picture from your childhood on Locus Sports Day (LSD) 2022!

Our annual sports meet was conducted from April 5th to 9th at the Locus headquarters in Bangalore and brought the entire office together to participate in four days of non-stop action. Table tennis, chess, snooker, badminton, soccer, and football—the sports selection was a mix of indoor and outdoor activities to meet the interest of teammates across the board.

Locus Sports Day 2022 Brochure

Locus HQ was bustling with activity on the first two days of the sports day. All indoor games took place on the fifth floor, which is also our cafeteria. Snooker and table tennis are regular favorites with several teammates, who spend the better part of their lunch hour playing matches here. LSD was a chance to put the skills picked up during the practice sessions on display.

Locus employee playing snooker
Locus employee playing chess

What made this event even more special was the attendance of the entire leadership board on April 7th at the Locus headquarters. They met with the team and participated in an AMA session—a much needed discussion since many teammates were meeting with the leadership in person for the first time.

Locus AMA Session

The excitement of the event peaked with outdoor activities that took place at Coolulu Turf Park, Koramangala. Cricket, football and badminton matches ensued, and the energy levels of all players were soaring. Mind you, this is a fantastic group of people and also a competitive one. All the teams were revved up and ready for the challenge and didn’t give up easily. After all, that’s what makes the game fun!

Playing football at Coolulu Turf Park
Locus employees giving pose at Coolulu Turf Park
Locus CEO - Nishit and HR - Bindhu

The final scoreboard looked something like this:

Champions of LSD 2022 – Elites
First runner-up – Alpha
Second runner-up – Charlies

Our CEO and Co-founder Nishith Rastogi, when talking about the company and its passion-driven culture, has always described Locus as a sports team where everyone works towards the common goal of adding value to our customers. No matter what our individual responsibilities are, each team member is the owner of their own game.

Nishith reminisces about the early days of grueling all-nighters where they not only had to manage several stakeholders but also had to ensure a great customer experience. “In these crucial times, members from different organizations came together to ensure customer success. This ‘partnership’ approach led to a lot of smooth pilots, and great on-ground feedback. People in the organization have always recognized and embraced winning together as the North Star, and this is one of our greatest successes,” he says.

Whether you’re on the playing field or in a business, teamwork is an absolute essential. It is also an essential value sought when hiring. While hard work can win games, it is teamwork that wins championships. Locus Sports Day served as a great example of this.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the last two years have been difficult to say the least. Team Locus has worked together and supported each other, albeit virtually for the most part. This is why to see everyone gather under the same roof and work in unity was a great change of air and an absolute joy. See you next year for Locus Sports Day 2023!

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