Expanding with accountability: The Suppl...

As a growing venture, we understand the complexities of expansion first hand. More regions to serve, additional clients and unfamiliar…

  • Sreshtha Das
    November 19

The Bangalore Supply Chain Meetup: First chapter in India

As a logistics professional and a keen learner, I often attend various supply chain conferences to acquire knowledge and discuss…

  • Nishith Rastogi
    November 6

The future of hyperlocal delivery

Hyperlocal delivery has emerged as a trend in recent years. Inspired by large rounds of investment in Uber Eats in…

  • Dmitry Khramtsov
    October 25

What Are Consumer Companies Doing In Canada To Optimise Logistics And Why?

Recently, 78 Canadian companies, 26 business associations and 12 Canadian academic institutions came together to form SCALE.AI, and the Government…

  • Sreshtha Das
    August 27

4 Questions You Need To Answer About Your Supply Chain If You Are In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia represents an economy of over 600 million people and a GDP of 2.4 trillion USD. According to the…

  • Sreshtha Das
    July 30

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help In Supply Chain Decision Making

AI is the latest buzzword that is making rounds in the logistics sector. AI promises to increase efficiency, cut costs…

  • admin
    July 20

On-Time and In-Full Delivery: Why Balancing Both is Important for You

On-Time and In-Full Deliveries are the benchmarks of an optimal supply chain. With logistics costs rising, increasing Full Truck Loads…

  • Shreevar Rastogi
    June 25